Today we’re very excited to announce our next strategic partnership with Bee Finance, a crypto wallet project which provides crypto financial services provided by traditional financial institutions.

This new partnership is very meaningful for PIST TRUST after following the successful joint operation of BLUECUS Marketplace with Money Today, PIST TRUST…

Happy New Year to everyone, hope everyone had a great start to a week. We are here to share our last report of 2021 “December monthly report.”

1. PIST Wallet 2.0

- PIST Wallet 2.0 Final Fix

- PIST Wallet UI/UX Testing Complete

2. PIST Virtual Bank Withdraw & Deposit…

BLUECUS is an NFT trading platform where all creators can tokenize (NFT) their works, creations for trading. Anyone can access BLUECUS Marketplace by downloading PIST Wallet and connecting the PIST chain network onto MetaMask Wallet.

BLUECUS is transacted with ‘PIST’ issued through the PIST Mainnet, and transaction fees and NFT…

Hello, since we are approaching the release of our NFT marketplace, we are pleased to introduce the functions of our NFT Marketplace!

NFT Marketplace Functions

The function of the marketplace is to support the platform to create a peer-to-peer community platform, where people can trade and monetize their arts, creation…

Pist Trust

PIST Trust is an one-stop platform that relies on blockchain digital token technology to complete digitalized assets securitization, trust digitalization.

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