Announcing Strategy Partnership of PIST TRUST & BOSAGORA

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3 min readDec 30, 2021

On December 30, PIST TRUST signed a strategic partnership with BOSAGORA, a public blockchain platform specialized in Metaverse, launched the MetaCity Forum in May, has signed partnerships with promising companies such as AIITONE, BRI (Canada), IBK Securities, KB Capital, Finger, Crowdy, etc. to build an expanding ecosystem.

PIST TRUST is a high-performance mainnet project to build and unify the infrastructures of CeFi, DeFi, NFT, Game-Fi, and Metaverse on a single blockchain network to perform as one service platform. The CeFi-DeFi protocols provide decentralized financial instruments throughout the network, and Game-Fi, NFT Marketplace, and Metaverse operate as platform protocols providing independent platform services of the network.

The Game-Fi network is a blockchain game ecosystem operating on the PIST Mainnet. The Game-Fi network will have multiple games added on-chain, along with independent token economics and Game-Fi Token issued from the PIST Chain. Currently, the network has added its first game on the network called “Block Legends”. Which is a puzzle game where players can earn game tokens as rewards for solving puzzles and playing.

Additionally, PIST has launched a BLUECUS NFT marketplace where various works such as artworks, illustrations, sound sources, and game items can be issued as NFTs to prove copyright and ownership of works and to trade them. In the NFT Marketplace, user can trade NFTs by connecting to the PIST wallet developed by PIST TRUST.


With this agreement, BOSAGORA and PIST TRUST will cooperate through technical cooperation for developing the NFT marketplace based on BOSAGORA Metachain, entering the NFT marketplace based on the PIST ecosystem within MetaCity’s Meta Media and providing related services as well as cooperation through providing mutual benefits for the development of both companies.

PIST TRUST and BOSAGORA will cooperate along the following terms:

  1. Technological cooperation of BOSAGORA and PIST TRUST

2. Metacity related products and services to be added onto PIST NFT Marketplace

3. Mutual cooperation to provide benefits for company development

Brian Choi, Co-founder expressed his appreciation on working with BOSAGORA,

“This is a great opportunity for PIST TRUST to have a strategic partnership with such a promising partner, BOSAGORA, and take part in MetaChain and its Metaverse vision. We also look forward to working with BOSAGORA’s metaverse platform with our NFT Marketplace, which will enable both platforms to expand with its exposure via multichain ecosystem.”


BOSAGORA is a project enabler that focuses on pursuing democracy, legitimacy, fairness, transparency, and efficiency of the highest standard. It focuses on establishing a decentralized blockchain platform which can implement a democratic decision-making process based on Trust Contracts and Congress Network. The team aims to implement Trust Contracts, which will provide an efficient and safely designed contract creation engine in an easy-to-develop language with many tools to be used by all.

Learn more about BOSAGORA: Telegram (KOR) | Telegram (ENG) | Telegram(Announcements) | Twitter | Website (KOR)| Website (ENG)| Medium


PIST TRUST is a high-performance Mainnet project supporting various digital assets, decentralized applications, and blockchain services. PIST TRUST is currently in strategic partnership with Standard Protocol, MAP Protocol and Idavoll Network for cross-chain interoperability. Lastly, PIST Mainnet will introduce a new paradigm for Mainnet ecosystems by building the infrastructure to CeFi, DeFi, NFT, Game-Fi, and Metaverse along with application interoperability via built-in cross-chain bridge.

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