PIST Listing on Uniswap on January 18

Pist Trust
3 min readJan 17, 2022


We’re happy to announce our coin $PIST on Uniswap, which will be available on Jan 18th.

With the listing of “PIST” coin on Uniswap, ETH users of Uniswap can pay ETH and acquire ERC-20-based $PIST through the PIST-ETH pair V2 liquidity pool setting with Uniswap. In addition, Uniswap users who have “PIST”, and “ETH” can create a PIST-ETH liquidity pool in Uniswap to provide liquidity of PIST Coin and earn commission revenue.

Uniswap Swap & Liquidity Pool

The ERC-based PIST token can be swapped to PIST Mainnet-based coin “PIST” through Mapping function available in the PIST Wallet’s DApp and PIST coin can be used for staking and access BLUECUS NFT Marketplace.

PIST Wallet’s DApp
  • PIST pool is available on Uniswap V2, so please be sure to turn off the “Auto Router API” before accessing the swap mechanism of Uniswap.
BeFi Wallet of Bee Finance

Please note that Uniswap and BLUECUS are both available through Befi wallet, a decentralized wallet of Bee Finance that is currently partnered with PIST TRUST.

However, as Uniswap is a decentralized exchange, you must check the contract address before proceeding with the swap. Please be very careful when using it, as you may incorrectly transfer your assets to a project impersonating PIST TRUST.

PIST CoinMarketCap

As shown in the image above, check the ERC-based PIST contract address, with the contract address of CoinMarketCap contract address and if it matches, you can proceed with the swap.

*To note that being a liquidity provider on Uniswap, users carry both the risks and rewards. We do advise our community that their profits can take place alongside the possibility of impermanent loss. So be sure to make independent decisions and only undertake liquidity provision with understanding of risks and rewards.


PIST TRUST is a high-performance Mainnet project supporting various digital assets, decentralized applications, and blockchain services. PIST TRUST is currently in strategic partnership with Standard Protocol, MAP Protocol, and Idavoll Network for cross-chain interoperability. Lastly, PIST Mainnet will introduce a new paradigm for Mainnet ecosystems by building the infrastructure to CeFi, DeFi, NFT, Game-Fi, and Metaverse along with application interoperability via a built-in cross-chain bridge.

To learn more about PIST TRUST, join our community channels.

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Pist Trust

PIST Trust is an one-stop platform that relies on blockchain digital token technology to complete digitalized assets securitization, trust digitalization.