PIST TRUST Monthly Report (Nov. 2021)

Hello, this is the PIST TRUST team here with the November monthly report!


1. PIST Wallet 2.0

- PIST Wallet 2.0 test in progress & bug fixes

- PIST Wallet UI/UX update and testing in progress

- Version 2.0 to be updated soon

2. PIST Virtual Bank Withdraw & Deposit services

- Beta version in testing

- User page / admin page (work in progress)

3. PIST NFT Marketplace

- NFT Marketplace 1.0 best testing & bug fixes

- Added user convenience

- NFT content update and event planning

4. PIST Game-Fi Network

- Network Structure and Token Economic Structure

- Independent Game-Fi tokens to be issued in PIST Mainnet

Strategic Partnership

1. Standard Protocol (STND, 스탠다드 프로토콜) :

Partnership article:

- Partnership with the Standard Protocol — A collateralized restandardized stablecoin (CRS) Protocol for Synthetic Assets Operating in a Multi-Chain Ecosystem.

- liquidity pool of STND and PIST in the Standard DEX in Shiden Network

- PIST Mainnet STND token & Staking services

- USM integration in PIST Trust Wallet

Partnership article:


2. Idavoll Network (IDV):

Partnership Details:

- Partnership with Idavoll Network — a DAO platform that provides infrastructure and services to projects on the Idavoll Network ecosystem.

- PIST Mainnet IDV token & Staking services

Partnership article:


3. Map Protocol (MAP):

Partnership Details:

- Partnership with Idavoll Network — cross-chain solution upgrades to ‘Blockchain Assets Freeway’

- PIST Mainnet MAP token & Staking services

- Cross-chain Protocol integration

Partnership article:



PIST TRUST is a high-performance Mainnet supporting various digital assets, decentralized applications, and blockchain services. PIST Mainnet will introduce a new paradigm for Mainnet ecosystems offering infrastructure to CeFI, DeFi, NFT, Game-Fi, and Metaverse along with interoperability via built-in cross-chain bridge.

To learn more about PIST TRUST, join our community channels.

Website Telegram Facebook Twitter Kakaotalk (Korean)

Inquiries: info@pisttrust.com




PIST Trust is an one-stop platform that relies on blockchain digital token technology to complete digitalized assets securitization, trust digitalization.

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Pist Trust

Pist Trust

PIST Trust is an one-stop platform that relies on blockchain digital token technology to complete digitalized assets securitization, trust digitalization.

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