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3 min readDec 21, 2021


Hello, since we are approaching the release of our NFT marketplace, we are pleased to introduce the functions of our NFT Marketplace!

NFT Marketplace Functions

The function of the marketplace is to support the platform to create a peer-to-peer community platform, where people can trade and monetize their arts, creation, and works freely in a permissionless network.

[Minting NFTs]

The NFT Marketplace allows creators to turn their various works of art, music, and crafts into NFTs. The minted NFT will be sent to the artist’s Web 3 wallet after the verification of the NFT. Anyone can create NFTs through our Marketplace and set up a royalty percentage to earn additional revenue.

[NFT Verification]

Before the work of art is tokenized into NFT, the verification system is to prevent illicit works onto the NFT Marketplace. To provide a clean and safe environment for creators and users only verified NFTs can be tokenized and be sold on the marketplace. After the verification process, the art is tokenized by the smart contract on the PIST Mainnet. Lastly, the NFT is provided to the artists’ wallet and ownership of NFT is recorded on the PIST network.

[NFT Sales]

Once the NFT verification process is complete, diverse methods of sales can be selected to sell the NFT on the Marketplace. The three methods of sales are public & private auction and NFT sales.

The duration of the auction can be set in Day/Hour/Minute units and the duration can be set up to one month.

[Buying NFTs]

Users can browse and purchase any NFTs that are listed for sales on the Marketplace. With the easy-to-use interface, users can easily search for various types of art and purchase NFTs

Our NFT Marketplace is designed to be user-friendly and provide a convenient service platform for users and creators. So, if you have any work of arts to showcase or want to browse various works of arts, check out our NFT Marketplace!

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